[09/13][wosky提供]Aurio Corra - Laize Om(1996) [320k/mp3]

 作者:梅绲犍     |      日期:2019-03-27 04:19:01
专辑名称:Laize Om 专辑艺人:Aurio Corra 发行时间:1996年4月16日 发行公司:Alcione Music 音乐流派:new age 音乐类型:MP3 / 320kbps The sweet voice of Laize, in the company of the musical background performed by Aurio Corra, takes us into a wonderful state of inner peace. This is an interpretation of Indian Mantras enhanced with a mixture of western rhythms. This music is a fundamental instrument for those in search of a timeless spiritual experience, and also for those searching for a moment of serenity. 这是以Aurio Corra甜美的声音为背景的一张NEW AGE音乐CD,已经为我们考虑到而且铺设了一个和平美好的心灵环境平台这是与西方的节奏混合而成,增强了印度咒语的诠释透析度这种音乐可以当作永恒精神体验的一种最基本的工具,从而因此寻找到那些宁静的时刻 Tracklist 01. Om 02. Om Mani Padme Hum 03. Govinda 04. Benares 05. Om Namah Shivaya 06. Ganges 07. Hare Krishna 08. Visoes 试听:Hare Krishna 游客,